Eating Disorder Therapist Toronto | Groups & Workshops | Courtney Watson, MSW, RSW
Courtney Watson Therapy offers individual therapy for adolescents and adults struggling with a broad range of concerns. An essential element of effective therapy is finding a therapist with whom you experience a connection. Courtney Watson, MSW, RSW, is a Registered Social Worker, eating disorder therapist toronto, and provides eating disorder therapy toronto.
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eating disorder therapist toronto

 Groups and Workshops

Courtney is facilitating a group at Sheena’s Place on May 8:


WS Combatting Calorie Counting
Monday, May 8th, 2017 from 6-8pm



Previous groups facilitated by Courtney:


View the full Sheena’s Place Program Calendar.


You can register on the Sheena’s Place website or in person at Sheena’s Place, 87 Spadina Road, Toronto.